Experience the Escalate difference - Join the leading network for coupon, family, food, and lifestyle bloggers!

  • Exclusive Brand Name Offers
  • Ethical Network, No Spammy Ads
  • Great Payouts, Fast Payments
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Responsive Affiliate Managers
  • Tools, Widgets, and Plugins

What is your minimum payout?

We have one of the lowest payment thresholds in the industry. We pay our affiliates when they reach $25. Compare this to the $100 that Google and other companies require to send you a check!

How quickly will I be paid?

We pay NET 30. This means within 30 days after the end of every month, we pay every affiliate who has earned more than $25 since their last payment. Compare this with the 45 or even 60 day payment terms of other companies.

Do I have to put banners all over my site to earn money?

No, you don't have to put banners all over your site, in fact, our offers work much better as individual blog posts. All of our offers can be posted as blog posts. Some require a banner to be included with the blog post, but we prefer to work with advertisers who understand you have a unique voice so you can customize your blog post with your own images, text, and personal style.

How do I earn money from Escalate Network?

We are a performance based affiliate network. Most of the advertisers/offers we have in our network pay a certain amount each time some sort of action occurs. This means you typically earn money when someone prints a coupon, signs up for a service/newsletter, fills out a survey, purchases a product, or performs some other sort of action. We call these "conversions". There are some offers in our network that pay per click, but most pay per conversion.

What sorts of offers/advertisers does the Escalate Network have?

We focus primarily on deal and coupon related offers. This includes coupons, freebies, samples, daily deal sites, as well as popular cash back and reward programs. Instead of hundreds of offers, we focus on around 50 top performing offers from legitimate companies. We avoid spammy/scammy offers and shady redirects that will confuse and frustrate your visitors.

I'm new to blogging, where can I learn more about blogging and affiliate offers?

We offer a semi-monthly online webinar and regularly participate in various blogger and affiliate groups to share information and help our affiliates grow their own sites and earn more from our affiliate offers. If you haven't already, apply to become a publisher then check out our Twitter or Facebook pages!

How will I be paid?

We offer payment via Check or PayPal. Neither payment method incur any fees so you get 100% of the money you earned.